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    Residential Home Inspections - My evaluation is communicated through a detailed inspection report, which includes descriptions of all the systems in the home, as well as any recommended improvements. This will help you prioritize the improvements and develop a "blueprint" for your future in the home.  Residential Home Inspections are not just for the buying party.  As a seller you may want to consider an inspection prior to listing your home so you can address issues found beforehand.

    Commercial Building Inspections - Commercial Property Inspections are important for the buyer, financier, and seller as well as vitally important for lessors who are renting facilities to their lessees.  We are certified through the Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA) at ccpia.org.  This type of inspection is not the same as a Residential Home Inspection and is very detailed in an entirely different scope of work.  The commercial buildings we inspect can be anything from a small, converted office space at 1,000 sqft. to large buildings such as malls, warehouses, and mixed-use facilities at 500,000 sqft.  We specialize in contracting the best to work with to ensure your facility is evaluated and documented properly and with integrity.

    New Construction (Pre - Drywall) Inspections - The absolute best time to have your new home inspected is while it is being built!  These inspections are typically done in phases with the pre-drywall inspection arguably being the most important.  The reporting and inspection detail we provide is very detailed.  All photographs of your building are yours.  The information concerning your building is provided back to you the same day as the inspection and will be communicated in plain language.  We work with builders and their superintendents!  Positive relationships are the best way to ensure a quality build.  Please contact us to discuss more.

    New Construction (Final) Inspections - Don't settle for the "builder walk through".  There are more than nail pops and stickers on drywall.  It may occur for construction issues to be present in which the prospective new homeowner may not know.  That's where we can add very important value to your new home purchase.  Information gathered on your new construction’s final inspection can be extremely valuable and will better allow you to understand your builders warranty as well.

    11-month Warranty Inspections - We come out during the 11th month of your builder's warranty and perform a full Residential Home Inspection before the builder’s warranty expires.  Have your home inspected and have us provide a professional inspection report, which may help find unidentified issues prior to your builder’s one year warranty expiring. Get it fixed before it's too late!

    4 Point Inspections - The 4 Point Inspection focuses only on four main areas of interest in a home:

    Roof Inspection

    Plumbing connections and fixtures

    Electrical wiring and panels

    HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

    The inspection and report will describe the condition and age of these elements. You may be eligible for a reduction in insurance!

    Wind Mitigation - Most often goes along with the 4-point inspection and applies to insurance rates.  This evaluates your home or business for wind impact and uplift during a storm. More information on Wind Mitigation

    Pool Inspection and Spa Inspections - We inspect all elements of the pool as well as all piping, pumps, electrical, safety barriers, and the screen house or fencing of the pool area.  We hold ASHI and InterNACHI certifications for pool and spa inspections. 

    Extra Buildings not covered in the General Inspections - This covers any extra buildings, on property, not included in the General Home Inspection.

    Re-Inspections - A targeted re-inspection of prior issues or concerns noted on prior inspections originated by Florida Home Inspector Services, LLC.

    Roof Certifications - Insurance companies may ask for a specific inspection to certify newly installed roofing systems prior to closing.

    Rental Property Inspections - Do you own a rental property and need a "pre" or "post" renter moving inspection of your property completed?  We offer a comprehensive review or your property to advise on the conditions.  Keep the property in its best conditions and ask me about our annual maintenance check-up.  Every inspection will come with drone aerial photography of your property so you can see exactly what is going on!

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